Beyond what to why

DimensionalMechanics Inc. is making artificial intelligence scalable, enabling users to solve enterprise challenges by incorporating the power of human intelligence into existing systems. The company offers NeoPulse™, a flexible cloud-based platform that will allow customers to build applications and equip any system with the human-like ability to learn and create associations, simulate reality and find meaning in rich content.

The company was formed to bring to market a novel artificial intelligence platform that is able to achieve a brain-like ability to deeply understand and connect dense data and rich media generated in and by the world around us. Our approach is focused on developing AI that can be applied across a full spectrum of real-world challenges to solve complex problems and market needs.

This is no small task, however. The problems we are tackling cannot be properly solved without an interdisciplinary perspective. So, with a mix of skills that is very unique for a startup, we sourced individuals around the country who have deep expertise in data science, computer vision, theoretical physics and math, human perception and cognition, distributed computing, art and business to work together to make artificial intelligence scalable.

We are going beyond answering what to answer why


Rajeev is a 17-year veteran of the high-tech industry, with prominent roles at household names like Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Microsoft, Intel and the BBC. His experience as a software engineer, solutions architect and manager at these companies spans a range of systems, from cloud computing to the Windows OS Kernel. He pioneered work at the BBC leading to the first US version of the BBC America's Shop; at HP in problem detection and self healing; and at Microsoft and Intel in Windows specific technologies and automated hardware validation workflows later used by both Android and Windows. He has gained a reputation as an "intrapreneur" for pioneering original, in-house solutions to tough business problems. At the age of 26, Rajeev launched his first startup called NeoProxima PLC in London UK that was focused on building, hosting and delivering adaptive multimedia solutions for enterprises and education.

Rajeev has expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, OS kernel design, media systems and hardware. He holds a degree in theoretical physics from the University of Toronto.


Dave has been an active part of the high-tech community in the Pacific Northwest for over 21 years, including long tenures as a senior leader at Microsoft and WRQ (now Attachmate). His extensive background working with startups and incubational projects, such as forging the way for moving core Microsoft enterprise products to the cloud, is matched by his knowledge of big data, statistical research and analysis, predictive analytics and decision management software.

A lifelong learner, Dave's educational background spans multiple disciplines. He is known as a talented teacher, coach and public speaker.


Anna is a veteran of the gaming and entertainment industry, with more than a decade of experience in business development, product and company acquisition and software development. She is formerly a director of business development at Sierra Entertainment/Vivendi Universal Games, with prior tenure at Paramount/Viacom. Anna holds a degree in communication studies from the University of Iowa.

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